1966 Ford Mustang V8 Automatic SOLD

66 mustang white (16)The VIN identifies it as a 17th February 1966 build, with a 289CID  V8 engine, body style Coupe, Wimbledon White body colour, standard black interior trim, a C4 Dual Range Automatic transmission and a 2.8:1 ratio differential,  It was optioned with power steering, remote mirror and air conditioning. Once in possession of the Mustang, the new owner began the task of fully refurbishing it and bringing it back to its original factory condition. The Mustang was fully dismantled and checked over for rust and damage, the build sheet was located attached to the wiring loom behind the instrument cluster, it was confirmed the VIN on the build sheet matches that of the VIN on the door ID plate as well as that on the “buck tag” (screwed to fender, c/o on buck tag means it was a customer order, not selected from a dealership) and on the front L&R inner fender, the right side was confirmed when the fender was removed. ID tags were located on the intake manifold, distributor, carburettor, A/C compressor, transmission, differential, steering box and interior seats, they all appear to be matching to the year of this Mustang, the engine code cast into the block also coincides with the year of this Mustang, the letters “WF” cast into the valley of the engine block identify it as being cast in the Windsor factory.

Every component was removed, the paint and vinyl roof were removed and taken back to bare metal,  The body was fully sanded back and primed, the whole car was then painted its original colour, Wimbledon White including the trunk, the engine bay was painted satin black (as from factory) and the roof was covered black vinyl. The underside of the Mustang was painted with a bitumen paint, which appears to have been done when the car was new, this was also recoated and the remaining underside painted black, including all-wheel wells.

To maintain as much originality of the Mustang many parts were refurbished however some were beyond refurbishment and had to be replaced.

Following is a list of items that were replaced.

Front Bumper bar, front and rear bumperettes, front bumper bar brackets and fitting hardware, Sill panel mouldings and fitting clips, engine and name badges, L&R side ornaments,  L&R exterior door handles, rear tail light assemblies’ globes only upgraded to 1157 LED’s, (headlights converted for Australia roads and fitted with halogen globes), new front park/indicator light lenses (also upgraded to LED globes) and new reverse light lenses fitted, all were fitted with new seals.

The 289 engine was completely dismantled and hot tanked,  bored 020” oversize and decked, heads machined, all valves were re-ground and lapped in,   the following new components fitted,  pistons, rings, main bearings, big end bearing, cam bearings, camshaft, timing chain and gears, oil pump, oil pressure switch,  pushrods, hydraulic lifters, NOS  rocker arms and retaining nuts, dual valve springs, welch/freeze plugs, oil gallery plugs, water pump and a complete gasket set, Radiator, thermostat, thermostat housing, all coolant hoses and fuel line hoses and clamps, a radiator fan shroud was also installed and all drive belts were replaced, new engine and transmission mounts, oil filter and fuel filter.

The distributor and carburettor were overhauled with the distributor receiving a NOS vacuum advance and new points along with a new coil and plug leads.

The C4 transmission was overhauled by Transteer a refurbished torque convertor was also installed, the differential received new axle seals as well as a pinion seal. New rear brake wheel cylinders were fitted and the front brakes were upgraded to power-assisted discs with new rubber hoses and pipes, master cylinder, booster and proportioning valve.

The front suspension was fitted with new lower control arms, new upper control arm bushes, saddle spring mounts and spring insulators, front shock absorbers, sway bar bushes, radius rod bushes upper and lower ball joints, complete set of tie rod ends and idler arm bushes, the power steering ram was overhauled receiving a complete seal kit, hardware and hoses. The rear springs were fitted with front and rear bushes and new shock absorbers. 4 x new styled steel wheels and tyres were also fitted.

Interior was fitted with the following: new headliner and insulation, internal door weather shields, new L&R door cards, armrests and bases, new window winder mechanism on LH door, RH side refurbished and new window rollers and clips, door lock knobs and grommets,  complete set of  rubber weather  strips, door window strips, quarter vent window seals front and rear, floor and firewall insulation, carpet,  floor mats, scuff plates, L&R kick panels, pinch weld, Pony style seat trim
The whole wiring loom was completely removed and checked for continuity and any faulty lengths were replaced. A new 12v battery and isolator switch fitted along with positive and negative battery leads and a new starter solenoid.

Every weatherstrip has been replaced, The full restoration has been carried out in Australia to the highest standard, No expense has been spared  or corners cut during the restoration of this vehicle,